Book Reviews

Annual Bulletin of Historical Literature
Covers a wide area, both chronologically and geographically. All reviews are written by acknowledged scholars, and accompanied by extensive and up-to-date bibliographies. In addition, there are features such as the ‘most read’ and ‘most cited’ articles.

Choice Reviews Online
Contains reviews of books and websites of interest for academic libraries. It is published by the American Library Association. History is found under ‘Social & Behavioral Sciences’.

Arts & Humanities Citation Index - Web of Science (A&HCI) (Number of users: 100)
In the ‘advanced search’ option it is possible to restrict the results to ‘book review’ only.

Social Sciences Citation Index - Web of Science (SSCI) (Number of users: 100)
Shares the same interface with the ‘Arts & Humanities Citation Index’; it is possible to restrict your results to ‘book review’ only.

It contains a variety of articles. It is possible, however, to restrict your search to reviews. Choose Advanced Search.

Periodicals Archive Online
Replacement for PCI Full Text. It provides full-text access to hundreds of journals relevant in the history and the social sciences. There is a possibility to limit your search to reviews.

Periodicals Index Online
Replacement for the PCI (Periodicals Contents Index). It contains references to millions of articles in the history and social sciences. Citations from the index are linked directly to their full-text versions either in the JSTOR or in the Periodicals Archive Online. It is possible to restrict searching to reviews only.

Times Literary Supplement – TLS
Click on the link in the Statsbiblioteket’s window that opens to proceed to the TLS.

New York Review of Books
At the home page choose ‘Archives’, where it is possible to search for reviews by date, author, keyword or title.

Historical Abstracts
A bibliographic database with references to articles, books, dissertations and masters’ theses published worldwide since 1960. It covers world history from 1450 to the present (excluding the United States and Canada, which are covered separately, in ‘America: History & Life’). The database contains over 1,700 journals published in over forty different languages.

Reviews of books in the humanities and social sciences, since 1993.

Reference Reviews
Reviews of reference works.

Danish reviews

Danish reviews printed before 1940
Reviews that were printed in newspapers are registered in the Aviskronikindeks for years 1940-1949, and they are located, as the group VII B, at the State Library.

Danish reviews printed after 1940
This is a joint online catalogue of all libraries in Denmark. Search for a specific book first, and in your search result there will be references to reviews, if there are any. They are marked with an ‘A’ (for ‘anmeldelse’).

Danish most comprehensive online information system – it contains millions of articles, among them many reviews, from Danish newspapers, professional journals and news agencies.

A Danish net-magazine, with reviews and discussions.

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