To get started, follow these steps:

a) Enter RefWorks and choose from the top menu 'Login Center' > 'RefWorks'

b) Click on 'Sign up for an Individual Account'

You should first register using a computer with an Aarhus University IP address, but later on you can use RefWorks outside the campus as well. To do that you will need a special Group Code, which you will receive in your welcome email sent to you by RefWorks. You can also ask kd.teketoilbibstats|fen#kd.teketoilbibstats|fen.

In order to be able to use your RefWorks bibliography list in a WORD document, you will need to install 'Write-N-Cite' program. You can download it from your own RefWorks Account. Choose in the top menu 'Tools' and then 'Write-N-Cite.

For any questions or problems with using RefWorks or for general questions on handling references, citations, bibliographies etc, please write to:

Niels Erik Frederiksen: kd.teketoilbibstats|fen#kd.teketoilbibstats|fen

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