Collections of Sources

Avalon Project at the Yale Law School - Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
Yale Law School’s comprehensive collection of digitalized primary source materials, from classical antiquity to the present day.

CARRIE - a full-text electronic library
A rich collection of scanned original texts.

Constitution Finder
This website contains a collection of constitutions, charters and related legal documents from all over the world. It is maintained by a law professor from the University of Richmond.

The Digital Scriptorium. A Prototype Image Database & Visual Union Catalog Of Medieval And Renaissance Manuscripts
A digital collection of manuscripts compiled by Columbia University and the University of California, Berkeley, together with several other American universities.

EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe
Online collection of textual sources for European history

The Holy See
This official website of the Holy See contains, among other things, the Vatican Secret Archives.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project/Paul Halsall
A comprehensive collection of primary documents made primarily as a teaching aid for university level history lessons. Ancient, medieval, and modern history, with many subcategories, both geographical (African, East Asian, Global, Indian…) and topical (Science, Lesbian/Gay, Women, Law, Film).

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution - Texts
It contains, among other things, documents from the French Revolution.

Monumenta Germaniae Historica digital
An impressive collection of digitalized primary documents, relevant for Germany and for the Kingdom of the Francs. This is an ongoing digitalization project, which should be finished by 2010. Here is the link to MGH.

The National Archives of England, Wales and the United Kingdom
One of the biggest archival collections in the world. It covers 1,000 years of British history.

ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
A comprehensive collection of documents, teaching materials, and useful links for history studies, edited by field specialists.

Papal Encyclicals Online
Official documents of the Catholic Church, since 1200 to the present day, translated into English.

Patrologia Latina
This database contains the full-text versions of the documents in Latin, written by more than 1,000 Church Fathers from 200 AD to the 13th century, and corresponding to 221 volumes of the 19th century printed edition, by Jacques-Paul Migne.

Project Runeberg
Nordic classics – fiction, newspapers, scientific literature. More than 200 titles.

Regesta Imperii
A collection of textual sources relevant for the European history from the Carolingians to Maximilian I.

Repositories of Primary Sources
An index of more than 5,000 websites containing archives, manuscripts, specialized collections, and other sources relevant in history studies. The index is organized geographically.

The Ships List
A collection of sources relevant for the history of emigrants, who came to Canada, USA, Australia and South Africa on ships. It contains passenger lists, ship descriptions and pictures, personal diaries, lists of marriages at sea etc.

The World War I Document Archive
This is an archive of primary documents concerning World War I, assembled from many countries.

Danish sources

Arkiv for Dansk Litteratur
From Saxo to Brandes, from Poul Helgesen to Søren Kierkegaard.
Besides containing nine censuses for the period 1787-1880, “Arkivalieronline” also provides online access to all church registers older than 1892.

Danmarks lokaladministration 1660-2007
The historical background for understanding the administration of old Danish market towns, counties, and country municipalities, but also the reasons behind the municipality reform of 1970. A digital map of Denmark illustrates the administrational development since 1683 to 2007. Developed by the Dansk Center for Byhistorie.

The constitution of the Kingdom of Denmark issued in 1953.
A database containing different image collections, coming from Danish archives and libraries.


The volumes 8-12, from the fourth series of the Diplomatarium Danicum will be soon available in electronic form. These volumes contain diplomas from the period 1401-1412. The complete fourth series of the Diplomatarium thus consists of the first seven volumes in a printed edition, combined with the last five volumes in electronic form. The printed edition is available at the State Library’s reading room under the group ‘Lk’. Free access.

Gesta Danorum
Texts in the Latin language, published by the Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab.

Jyske Lov. Codex Holmiensis C 37
(Code of Jutland)
King Valdemar Sejr’s law issued in 1241. The website contains the translation of the law into the modern Danish, photographs of the oldest known manuscript called “Codex Holmiensis”, together with the texts about the survival and dating of the manuscript. The website is produced by the Royal Library.

Danish Code, introduced by King Christian V, in 1683. Digital edition.

Karnovs lovsamling (collection of laws).

Kvindekilder (Women’s Sources)
A history of the women’s movement, organized by topics and divided in two periods, 1850-1920, and 1960-1985.

Den Nationale Billedbase (The National Image Database)
This is a database of digitalized maps and images from the Royal Library’s collections.

Project Runeberg
Nordic classics – fiction, newspapers, scientific literature. More than 200 titles.

Romansk Stenkunst (Romanesque art in stone)
This is an online database of the Romanesque art in stone, found in Denmark. It is developed by the University of Aarhus.

Retsinformation (Legal information)
This is the official website of the Danish state, which provides access to laws, legal decisions, circulars, etc, as well as to the documents issued by the Danish parliament and statements issued by the Parliament’s ombudsman.

“Schou’s Forordninger”. Laws for the Kingdom of Denmark and Norway ca. 1670-1770
This is an online facsimile of the book or laws published in 1795, and named after their compiler, Jacob Henric Shou.

The Danish State Archives
This is a joint web portal for different branches of the State Archives, such as National, Provincial, and Data Archives, but also Danish Business Archives and Filming Centre.
Here you can also find the Danish Demographic Database, with access to “Censuses”, “Emigrants”, “Immigrants”, and “Dannebrogsmænd”.

Statens Netbibliotek
The Danish state’s virtual library that contains electronic editions of all publications with legal effects, issued by ministries and different government agencies. The “Netbibliotek” also contains all of the numbered, and a selection from the unnumbered recommendations of Danish government commissions.

Studér Middelalder på Nettet
Digitalized editions of Danish medieval texts.

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