Dansk Historisk Bibliografi - Danish Historical Bibliography
Online database maintained by The Royal Library (Det Kongelige Bibliotek) in Copenhagen. Bibliographies that were printed in book form until 1990 are now scanned and available in electronic format. Two periods, 1948-66 and 1977-89, are still missing, both from printed and electronic form. Contains, inter alia, a Danish book index from 1970 on. A database containing catalogues of all public and research libraries in whole Denmark. If your local library does not have the item you need, you can locate it in another library, and have it delivered to your local library, where you can pick it up. – Article Search containing references to articles from Danish newspapers and journals; all important articles dating back to 1945 are registered, plus reviews since 1949. The database is updated daily. Note: Only references, not the full text! You can search the full text in InfoMedia. If you don’t find the articles here, you can request them via the Statsbibliotek’s website – follow the link (Journals and articles). For articles and reviews published before 1945/49, see: Dansk Tidsskrift – index, Aviskronik – index and Dansk Artikelindeks. See below.

Historical Abstracts
A bibliographic database with references to articles, books, dissertations and masters’ theses published worldwide dating back to 1960. It covers world history from 1450 to the present (excluding the United States and Canada).

America: History & Life
A bibliographic database with references to articles, books, dissertations, reviews and masters’ theses published worldwide dating back to 1964-. Covers USA og Canada.

International Medieval Bibliography
A bibliographical database of the European Middle Ages, covering Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in the period 300-1500 AD. It contains articles from periodicals, with some conference proceedings, essay collections, etc. The bibliography is built together closely with the ‘Lexikon des Mittelalters’, the standard encyclopaedia for medieval studies. Via the ‘subject search’ in the Bibliography it is possible to retrieve information directly from LexMA.

Annual Bulletin of Historical Literature
Electronic version of the same annually published journal. Rich annotated bibliography written by acknowledged experts.

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences
Bibliographic references to articles from over 2,000 journals relevant for social science, dating back to 1951. More than 6,000 books are added annually, often with chapter titles. The IBSS’s collection is based on the British Library of Political and Economic Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Arts & Humanities Citation Index - Web of Science
(Number of users: 100)
This index contains bibliographic information about articles published worldwide, in the most relevant arts and humanities journals. There are direct links from one article to another with the same topic. Citation cross searching enables the user to see who cites whom and in which article. This database is part of the ISI Web of Science, whose other databases include information from both natural and social science.

Jahresberichte für deutsche Geschichte – Annual Reports for German History
This is a standard bibliography for German history. It contains many useful searching possibilities.

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials
Index to articles, reviews and essays in all fields of religion, covering different societies around the world. It dates back to 1949, and it is updated quarterly.

New Testament Abstracts
The database contains more than 40,000 article abstracts, 1,200 reviews, 14,900 book abstracts, and more than 50 software abstracts, related to the New Testament research. More than 2,100 new articles, from more than 500 journals, are added annually, together with 800 book abstracts.

Social Sciences Citation Index - Web of Science
Similar to the aforementioned ‘Arts & Humanities Citation Index’, this database is also part of the ISI Web of Science database. It provides references to articles from a wide range of scholarly social sciences journals. It is possible to search for cited references.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts
References and full text access to articles in political science, international relations, law, public administration, government/political systems etc. It covers materials since 1975.

Svensk Historisk Bibliografi - Swedish Historical Bibliography, 1977-
The database is under construction. It is updated daily and in January 2007 it contained close to 80,000 catalogue entries. This electronic bibliography is a continuation of the printed edition. See also: Svenske bøger – Libris. It contains almost all Swedish titles since 1866, among them many of foreign origin.

Norsk Historisk Bibliografi - Norwegian Historical Bibliography, 1980-97
References to books and articles published in Norway 1980-1997. It is serviced by the National Library. See also: BIBSYS – the online research catalogue. Free access.

Schleswig-Holsteinische Bibliographie – Bibliography of Schleswig-Holstein
This is a regional bibliography that includes different searching possibilities, as well as a detailed index.

Den danske forskningsdatabase – Danish National Research Database
A database of Danish research publications, projects and institutions.

Anthropology Plus (Number of users: 5)
Comprehensive bibliography, which includes cross-references to articles, reports etc. in anthropology, archaeology, and interdisciplinary studies.

A selection (15%) of the annually updated “Gnomon Bibliografische Datenbank” CD-ROM. The bibliography includes all titles after 1997, related to Ancient History, Classical Philology and Archaeology.

L'Année Philologique – The Philological Year (Number of users: 10)
A comprehensive bibliography of Latin, Greek, and ancient world studies. It dates back to 1959. There are different searching possibilities: modern authors, ancient authors, subjects, disciplines, or date.

Grove Art
Online full text version of the 34 volume Grove Dictionary of Art, published in 1996. It contains more than 45,000 articles, with new articles added regularly; bibliographies, image database, and ca. 22,000 links to museums and galleries.

Encyclopaedia of Islam
This is a reference work in Islamic studies. It focuses primarily on the pre-Modern period, although it is possible to search for phenomena and people from our own period. The database contains more than 13,000 references to articles on Islamic history, religion and culture.

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